Composite Polyester

Composite Polyester Strap Range

The original  Python Strap™

The established, market leading, time proven

BEST strapping and buckle system available today…

The Python Strap™ range is the best safe, strong and secure strapping system in the market.

Our strapping and buckles have been developed over many years and are made from scratch in the one factory.

We constantly test the system strength and properties so you don’t need to worry when “Dynamic Load” forces come into play.

It is one thing to strap something and another to hold it together when something goes wrong.

The strapping system is only as good as the buckle.


This strap is used for a large variety of applications. Composite Polyester Python Strap offers high breaking strains.


S/S is the system strength. This rating includes the unique designed Python buckle to give you industry best results.
Contact us to ensure you have the correct companion buckle.
Item Number Dimension  


Approx B/S – S/S  Kg

SCP-13 13.0mm


300 / 480

SCP-16 16.0mm


430 / 690

SCP-19 19.0mm


630 / 1,020

SCP-25 25.0mm


940 /. 1,500

SCP-32 32.0mm


1.500 / 2,400

Python Strap Composite




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